Tuesday, September 26, 2000

why do I feel so flat? I hate this feeling, the feeling of helplessness...im used to being in control...
hmmm..maybe if I defer all my calls to the mobile, I wont have to deal with all this shit people are throwing at me..
thats a thought...Im going to do it
well, I have just had a phone call that has made my day...my mans boss wont give him a measly couple of days extra on his leave for our honeymoon..so now we are faced with a choice..go to thailand, or quit the job. I still cant believe they said no, fucking cunts...
o well, the trip is paid for, we are going, the job gets the arse...I have spoken...
I never seem to get good phonecalls anymore the family is still fighting and they are trying to get us involved. like I dont have enought of my own problems to solve. I cant ait till this whole wedding thing is over so we can be normal again

Sunday, September 24, 2000

well, yet another phone call from the mans family..my gawd they are fucked..o is mine for that matter...I wish we had just gone to vegas and got married by elvis, would have been alot simpler.
I am sick to death of "im not coming if she is coming, or people inviting people that I dont want at my wedding...I mean the man and I have to pay for it all, surely we can have some say?
Well not long to go now, I cant wait till its all over and we can go to thailand and leave them fighting while we sit on the beach *sigh*