Tuesday, October 24, 2000

o my god....disaster has struck...one of my bridesmaids dresses is ruined, her son squirted domestos on it, and now it is in holes...
dont know what she is going to do, the dress was an unusual colour, not easy to match up, and there is no way we can get another made up before saturday. They have another dress at the shop we brought it from, a size too small, she is going to sneak down to melobourne and try it on. I doubt wether it will fit tho.
I dont know wether to laugh or cry.
well I hope this is it, Im hoping this rain stops soon and fines up for saturday, otherwise we're fucked.
fuck I hate the guy next door, he actually stood outside in the rain waiting for me, blaming me cause his lawn was wet....I am ready to rip of his head and shit down his throat, I swear.

other than that, my day has been perfect

Sunday, October 22, 2000

well, my night out was exactly how I thought it woudl be...stuffy and uncomfortable...I knew a resturant was a bad idea, but never mind, it is the thought that counts.
I think Craig was very surprised to find me home at 11pm sober..lol
I dont know how people can enjoy restuarants, u pay a fortune for a plate of lettuce leaves and like 2 slithers of chicken..how boring.
last night was more like a forum, where everyone got a turn to talk..ha
I only had 2 drinks for the night, and I think I drank the most.
my bosses brought me some nice flowers tho, which was nice.
my throat is sore..this would be just my luck to be sick for my wedding, I hope it goes away...it better go away.
I think I need to come reaquainted with sleep
but thatll have to wait till Ive got time