Friday, November 17, 2000

well, the wedding went off well, apart from a few close brawls at the reception, and the honeymoon was fantastic. I loved thailand, and the thai people, they were so friendly.
The beaches were magnificent, we went sea cave canoing and game fishing, caught some tuna for out lunch which wasnt too shabby.
They are insane drivers over there, who needs bunji jumping or other adrenaline activities when u can get in a car with a thai driver..ha.
The actually have a road sign that says "remeber to drive on the left hand side" ha
the night life was interesting...100s of bars in the one area all with girls trying to get u to stay...Craig thought he was just the man..he had his nipples pinched a few
There is a big sex industry in thailand, all the prostitutes come out on dusk, many transvestites(which are just beautiful I might add)
lots of dirty old men with young thai girls and transvestites too ( I wonder if they knew or got a nasty surprise when they got undressed).
I couldnt bring myself to go into a a-gogo bar where the girls chop slice n dice things with their vaginas -gag
we went into bars where girls had been sold off by poor families that had to prostitute themselves, we saw people bathing in drains, we saw people who work really long hours asleep on the shop floors, people stepping over them.
it makes me see how fortunate I am and glad to be living in "the lucky country"